We're celebrating our Chronogram #Chronogrammie WIN for BEST BAND! Watch the WINNERS video below, they used "Very Happy Now" as the soundtrack... pretty sweet (we're 5th in the sequence, footage of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival!) Your Votes made the difference!!! 

80 bands were nominated, 5 finalists - and then you got us over the finish line, so do a little Victory Dance with the Winners!!! SEE VIDEO - https://youtu.be/SCe7wgLcjMI (ALSO VIEWABLE ON OUR HOME PAGE)

•••• Chronogrammies 2022 Results Jul 1, 2022 •••• 

Since the first round of voting kicked off on January 1, close to 20,000 readers participated, casting over 300,000 ballots for their favorite shops, restaurants, cultural venues, and organizations across a whopping 247 categories. That’s almost double last year’s numbers, and they are still counting... 

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