“They take the stage by storm!” – NY Times
“Longo is an awesome songwriter” – Garth Hudson, The Band
"Longo, a god of the rock underworld!" – John Platt, WFUV Radio
"Great songs and a whole lotta heart" – Meg Griffin, SiriusXM
“Simply one of the finest American bands” – All Music
“The cool end of Americana” – Maverick Magazine, UK
"The best band since the Beatles" – Jim Pons, bassist: Frank Zappa, John Lennon
'A Very Unusual Head'… their finest work to date" - Rock’n’Reel Magazine, UK
 “From Dylan to Pink Floyd, the Slambovian Circus of Dreams wears its influences well”
- The Plymouth Independent, MA


Voted "Best Band" by NY’s Chronogram Magazine for their rootsy, rockin’ psychedelia, the Slambovians' deep connection with audiences and exciting live shows are legendary.  Musical influences of Dylan, Bowie, Incredible String Band, Syd Barrett, and The Waterboys can be heard, yet the Slambovians' musicianship and critically acclaimed songwriting stand on their own. Joziah (the resident shaman of Slambovia), leads with vocals described as "soothing and bewitching as a snake oil tonic.” Longtime bandmates Tink Lloyd (accordion, cello, mandolin, flute) and guitarist/mandolin wizard Sharkey McEwen bring their magic to the Slambovian brew with “a little help from their friends” - RJ McCarty (keys, bass, sax), Bob Torsello (bass), and Matthew Abourezk (drums). This Woodstock-tinged psychedelia has a hint of southern rock and British folk combined with solid songwriting - a slice of Americana pie that is irresistible!


“We can build a world for all the lost and lonely” 


UK TOUR REPORT: It's taken a few extra days to land and get back in the Slambovian Home Office, thanks to everyone for the incredible support you gave for this year's tour. This may be my favorite picture (see below) from the tour that we all wanted to share with you. It was taken after our last show in the UK in Lowestoft at the Hatfield Hotel with the whole crew and band. Matt's brother Cory Abourezk decided to fly over from Denver to help as drum tech and an extra pair of hands at the last minute. And the duo of Penny Wilson and Anne-Marie McEwen were our Merch Team - they absolutely rocked while driving and found their way to every show! Also, you can see on the far right, Kelvin Skyrme who provided backline and drums for the tour. (He even painted a drumhead for the tour!) And RM McCarty offered his seasoned expertise in herding wild animals as our Tour Manager, he kept us on schedule, navigated and kept the good vibes going. 
Also, many thanks to James Duffy at Nearfield Artists for booking a very successful tour!!! - Tink

Photo left to right: Sharkey McEwen, Matthew Abourezk, Cory Abourezk, Penny Wilson (seated), Tink, Joziah, RJ McCarty, RM McCarty (standing), Anne Marie, Kelvin Skyrme

PS - Thanks to Stevie Horton at Iconic Music for the getting the word out all over the country!!!
Thanks to Malcolm Holmes at Talking Elephant for the brilliant re-release on Talking Elephant of "A Good Thief Tips His Hat" - NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UK - and also on Bandcamp-UK.

And a SPECIAL THANKS to all of the fine venues who threw in with us, especially the new ones!
Devizes Arts Festival, Pocklington Arts Centre, The Live Room at Saltaire in Shipley, Cubley Hall for hosting us, Acapela Studio in Wales, The Stables MK, Nick Garner and Black Frog Presents at the Chelmsford Social Club, The Grace in London, and First Light Lowestoft

UK Band and Crew in Lowestoft


Our first cup of tea together in the UK - 2019

Friday 14th June - 8 PM
Devizes Arts Festival
Devizes Corn Exchange - Devizes, ENG
INFO: devizesartsfestival.org.uk

Saturday 15th June - 8 PM
Pocklington Arts Centre 
Pocklington, ENG
INFO: pocklingtonartscentre.co.uk

Saturday 15th June - 8 PM - TBA

Sunday 16th June - 7 PM
The Live Room at Saltaire 
Caroline Street Social Club - Shipley, ENG
INFO: theliveroom.info

Wednesday 19th June - 8 PM
Acapela Studio 
Cardiff, WALES
INFO: acapela.co.uk

Thursday 20th June - 8 PM 
The Stables MK 
Milton Keynes, UK
INFO: stables.org

Friday 21st June - 8 PM 
Chelmsford Social Club 
Chelmsford, ENG
INFO: www.wegottickets.com/event/605080

Saturday 22nd June  - 7 PM
The Grace - London (Islington), ENG
20-22 Highbury Cor, London N5 1RD, UK
INFO: www.thegrace.london

Sunday 23rd June 3:00 PM
First Light Lowestoft 2024 
South Beach - Lowestoft, ENG
INFO: firstlightlowestoft.com