Special Tour Announcement: The band has been in a holding pattern for a few months concerning the UK Tour 2021... (see picture below!) We heard the news this weekend from the oh-so-gracious Gareth Williams of Fairport's Cropredy Convention that the UK will NOT be able to insure any festivals this season due to COVID.  

So our tour will be moved to August of 2022! The Wickham Music Festival, Fairport's Cropredy Convention, and several other festivals and clubs are all on board. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make it happen during all the uncertainty, especially our UK agent, Jonti Willis.  

And to our lovely UK fans: We'll play every town from the highlands of Scotland to #Newcastle and #Penzance! - Tink

New Music Video: ''Stand Under, Understand'' 


 Watch HERE


At the end of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic we were all feeling a bit post-apocalyptic. Band videographer Matt Abourezk was digging into the Slambovian Archives and found "Stand Under, Understand," a demo from 25 years ago.  

Matt was so inspired by the song, that he immediately envisioned the creative direction you will see in the video. Leaning into the atmosphere of our country and the world at the time, we set out to create an implied post-apocalyptic sense of desperation and isolation, mixed with hope and the feeling that a giant reset is upon us, to create this epic video.  

The video was shot in isolation over a two month period. We referenced the original studio demo as a guide for the new recording of "Stand Under, Understand" to make sure we kept the original electricity from the demo, and then recorded the current version in each of our homes. Sharkey produced the great audio mix you hear and Matt edited and layered the video until his computer begged for mercy. 

Sharkey is playing the same guitar made by Katsumi, our guitar tech at the time many years ago. It was the first guitar Katz ever made, the love infused in that instrument makes it 'sing' with a bit of Samurai edge. The concept of the main lyric came to Joziah in a time of great difficulty, and was comforting... The compassionate Zen-like haiku style of the title "Stand Under, Understand" seems the perfect message for 2021. The song waited for the right time... 25 years later when we all needed it.

'A Very Slambovian Christmas' Broadcast 

From the Towne Crier stage straight to your Living Room! 

Tickets are on sale now for 'A Very Slambovian Christmas.' We will be filming our much-loved Christmas show in advanced and will be airing the broadcast on December 18th at 8:30 PM EST. This will be a full-band production of our entire Christmas show. 

If you've never seen our Christmas show, now is your chance. Expect Christmas songs “with a Slambovian "twist” and rockin’ original seasonal tunes for a fun ‘outside the box’ holiday show. 

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams 'Very Slambovian Christmas' show is guaranteed to 'flip your switch' and spark the holiday 

TICKET LINK: Buy Tickets Here


Colorscape Chenango Virtual Arts Festival  

September 12/13 marks the 26th Annual Colorscape Festival, traditionally held in Norwich, NY. This year's festival will be VIRTUAL. Colorscape will be broadcasting from 11-5 both days. Juried artists, performers (The Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Adam Ezra Group, and more) and a variety of arts activities. We've put together two super exciting sets plus a few fun extras! Viewing links will be posted HERE.


It's festival season - who knew it would be a chance to attend shows from the comfort of your own home! No mudslides, bugs, traffic, sunburn - just a really chill Falcon Ridge Folk 2020 VIRTUAL Festival this weekend! This is exciting news for those of you who have never attended - a chance to see what this special festival is all about. Four days of streaming sets from forty-one artists. The team putting this together are creating a 'curated with love' experience for viewers. The festival community, culture, vibe and tradition is being presented to you in a way you could never usually see, with messages from longtime vendors, campers, former artists, and iconic festival personalities such as "the ICCCCCE man!" 

🎪Full Schedule and Line-up can be found HERE. 🎪 

You can see us appear in three performances: 
Friday Dance Tent set, the Saturday Main Stage, and for the first time the Family stage. The Dance Tent and Main Stage sets will include some fantasic archival footage from 2013 and 2018. 

The Family Stage is where 'Slambovian Storybook Theater' makes its debut with Joziah performing songs from two musicals he wrote. Aesop's Fables - The Musical and Fat Horse & Slim were produced/performed for Broadway's Circle In The Square Theater in New York City. 

📺Official Broadcast: 
1:30 to 4:30 starting on Thursday, July 30 - Sunday August 2 
with additional livestreams in the evenings. 
View Festival Here: 


The broadcasts are free to access and will be archived for replay. The festival will be collecting donations via Paypal and Venmo to help pay the artists.* 

*The Slambovians will be donating a portion of earnings from this festival to The Towne Crier, our hometown venue. Owner Phil Ciganer has been a major supporter of the band from the beginning and was instrumental in getting us booked at Falcon Ridge years ago. The Towne Crier, like many small venues, is seeing some tough times right now, let's support Phil and the festival with this performance!

Donate at:




or from the Venmo app: @FalconRidgeFolks



'A Box of Everything' - New Quarantine Video! 


Dear fans, friends and tribe members, 
During the recent weeks of the COVID-19 quarantine, the band filmed a version of ‘A Box of Everything’ from our basements for you as a gift. 

We felt it was important to mark the unprecedented time we are in together with something beautiful, hopeful, and unlike anything we have done before ....Special thanks to Matthew Abourezk who led the project and put in hundreds of hours organizing footage and performances by the separated band members, with Sharkey McEwen pulling together the audio and making it magic. 

For those of you who feel particularly inspired by this production, you can visit the Slambovian Tip Jar: 
PAYPAL: paypal.me/Slambovia 
VENMO: @slambovia

WORLD BEE DAY - May 20!! 

May 20 is World Bee Day! Why May 20? Anton Janša, considered to be the pioneer of modern beekeeping practices, was born in Slovenia on this day in 1734. The purpose of World Bee day is to raise awareness of the incredible importance of bees in our food chains and ecosystems. It's a topic we're all learning more about in Slambovia and one that is near and dear to our hearts.

If you are interested in knowing more, check out some of the links below. Happy World Bee Day!

Short FAQ's about World Bee Day

Information about World Bee Day

Information about World Bee Day from the United Nations

American Bee Federation


Honey Bee Importance and Slovenia - video

......and of course, if you want to see our short animation for "I Know Where the Beez Have Gone," here it is:

Hear the full live version in the video below with Beez producer Dio Tadin joining the band onstage. 

Better Life 


Although there is never a quarantine in Slambovia, we are bound by the rules of this Earth plane to stay home. We made a little something for you in the meantime. So get a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy a moment in Slambovia.

Performances, camera, audio and lights by Joziah, Tink, Sharkey, RJ and Matt

Produced by Matthew Abourezk: https://talkingboxdmg.com

Audio engineering: Sharkey McEwen

Studio version available for purchase at: https://slambovia.bandcamp.com/track/better-life


'BEEZ' Teaser Video 


Here's a preview of our new, still-in-the-making animated music video of 'Beez'. Thought you might want to tune in the frequency and buzz along a bit during this special time of healing ourselves and the planet. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth🌎Day, here's a bit of 🐝Beez... 

Matt Abourezk is the man behind the camera and animations (with a little help from Joziah!), if you look closely you'll see we included Slambovians of all eras in the animation.


Full studio version can be found on Spotify HERE.



Those of you who have been hearing about Joziah’s Patreon page*, you may have noticed a flurry of activity lately. If you haven’t been to Patreon yet, it’s a great time to explore! We’ve been giving the site an update and added a lot of new content in the process.  

Patreon is unique way to feel, see and be part of the creative process while supporting forward growth of Slambovia and a great vehicle for getting new music out to you before it goes ’public’. Be in the Slambovian Lab with Joziah’s musical experiments! Last year’s Patreon subscribers enabled a new studio computer, software and guitars for our new album. Thanks to all of you!  


      *At Patreon there are different subscription levels to check out, and we’ll be adding new options as we go along. Each month Joziah puts up a new 'Song of the Month.' He’ll also delve into the back catalog with stories about how songs were written and recorded in his 'The History of Slambovia' series - performing versions unique to this site. (This month’s ‘History’ selection is the fan favorite “Fumes!”) - Tink  

Check out the page and the subscription tiers HERE