We recently took over our back catalog from Sony and established our own record label - Storm King Records. Now comes the work of building our streaming numbers - we're focusing on Spotify right now!

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    • This is a subscription-based platform where Joziah posts a lot of behind-the-scenes content, material from the archives, sneak peeks, and more. Great way to support Joziah financially while getting access to some bonus material. Subscribe HERE.


    • Buy merch at live shows - if you already have everything, consider buying a CD to give to a "newbie!"
    • Buy merch and music at Bandcamp. Our music is available on all the major platforms but Bandcamp takes the smallest cut and also gives you the option of the highest quality downloads! 
    • Pre-order the new album on October 1! Pre-orders will be available on this website and Bandcamp. By ordering on October 1 (Bandcamp Friday) Bandcamp waives all fees and we make 100% of the sale!

    Fans often ask how they can help support and promote the band. Here's a checklist of easy things you can do to help us get more visibility, build our "numbers" both online and at shows, and in the process, help you stay connected!