'A Box of Everything' - New Quarantine Video! 


Dear fans, friends and tribe members, 
During the recent weeks of the COVID-19 quarantine, the band filmed a version of ‘A Box of Everything’ from our basements for you as a gift. 

We felt it was important to mark the unprecedented time we are in together with something beautiful, hopeful, and unlike anything we have done before ....Special thanks to Matthew Abourezk who led the project and put in hundreds of hours organizing footage and performances by the separated band members, with Sharkey McEwen pulling together the audio and making it magic. 

For those of you who feel particularly inspired by this production, you can visit the Slambovian Tip Jar: 
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VENMO: @slambovia

WORLD BEE DAY - May 20!! 

May 20 is World Bee Day! Why May 20? Anton Janša, considered to be the pioneer of modern beekeeping practices, was born in Slovenia on this day in 1734. The purpose of World Bee day is to raise awareness of the incredible importance of bees in our food chains and ecosystems. It's a topic we're all learning more about in Slambovia and one that is near and dear to our hearts.

If you are interested in knowing more, check out some of the links below. Happy World Bee Day!

Short FAQ's about World Bee Day

Information about World Bee Day

Information about World Bee Day from the United Nations

American Bee Federation


Honey Bee Importance and Slovenia - video

......and of course, if you want to see our short animation for "I Know Where the Beez Have Gone," here it is:

Hear the full live version in the video below with Beez producer Dio Tadin joining the band onstage. 

Better Life 


Although there is never a quarantine in Slambovia, we are bound by the rules of this Earth plane to stay home. We made a little something for you in the meantime. So get a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy a moment in Slambovia.

Performances, camera, audio and lights by Joziah, Tink, Sharkey, RJ and Matt

Produced by Matthew Abourezk: https://talkingboxdmg.com

Audio engineering: Sharkey McEwen

Studio version available for purchase at: https://slambovia.bandcamp.com/track/better-life


'BEEZ' Teaser Video 


Here's a preview of our new, still-in-the-making animated music video of 'Beez'. Thought you might want to tune in the frequency and buzz along a bit during this special time of healing ourselves and the planet. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth🌎Day, here's a bit of 🐝Beez... 

Matt Abourezk is the man behind the camera and animations (with a little help from Joziah!), if you look closely you'll see we included Slambovians of all eras in the animation.


Full studio version can be found on Spotify HERE.



Those of you who have been hearing about Joziah’s Patreon page*, you may have noticed a flurry of activity lately. If you haven’t been to Patreon yet, it’s a great time to explore! We’ve been giving the site an update and added a lot of new content in the process.  

Patreon is unique way to feel, see and be part of the creative process while supporting forward growth of Slambovia and a great vehicle for getting new music out to you before it goes ’public’. Be in the Slambovian Lab with Joziah’s musical experiments! Last year’s Patreon subscribers enabled a new studio computer, software and guitars for our new album. Thanks to all of you!  


      *At Patreon there are different subscription levels to check out, and we’ll be adding new options as we go along. Each month Joziah puts up a new 'Song of the Month.' He’ll also delve into the back catalog with stories about how songs were written and recorded in his 'The History of Slambovia' series - performing versions unique to this site. (This month’s ‘History’ selection is the fan favorite “Fumes!”) - Tink  

Check out the page and the subscription tiers HERE

New Site For Slambovia: Bandzoogle Takes Over Hosting for CD Baby 

INDUSTRY NEWS: Welcome to Slambovia.com in 2020! Slambovia has moved to a new hosting site, Bandzoogle after a long relationship with our friends at CDBaby. The band has been with CDBaby since its days in Woodstock, NY. Bandzoogle is taking over artist page hosting for CD Baby as ‘HostBaby’ gets transitioned after a major purchase of the company by The NY-based Downtown Music Holdings, the parent to both Downtown Music Publishing and Songtrust.

CDBaby is is transferring all of its user accounts to the music-oriented hosting provider Bandzoogle, we hope you like the new design, interface and user friendly navigation of the site. It was a seamless and fun transition for the Slambovian Home Office.*

*We thought it would be a perfect time to give our website a spring cleaning with a bit of a facelift. We hope you like it! We’ll be sprucing things up and adding content in the coming weeks – including an up-to-date press page.  Visit often – and hopefully we’ll be able to add more tour dates again soon – when the world becomes a little safer. Be well! - The Slambovian Home Office


Live Broadcast! Kickin' Up A Soundstorm April 19 

Two years in the making, “Kickin’ Up a Soundstorm” is the brainchild of filmmaker Victor Moore (Showset Productions.) The film features live concert footage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes vignettes.  Shot on location in Cold Spring, NY, and Beacon NY at The Town Crier Café, there is also  extensive footage from the 2018 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. The Immortal Jellyfish of Slambovia feature prominently in the film. Interviews with founding members of the band reveal the never heard history of the band from the beginning. The story is enhanced by fans, friends and a performance that caught the ‘lightning in a bottle’ – that elusive magic that comes when the audience and performers become one in a transcendent timeless moment. Welcome to Slambovia!  

We joined Victor on April 5 for a live broadcast of the film on Youtube. Great turnout – thank you! The comments section was a bonafide Slambovian reunion with the whole band there as well as fans from the US, Canada, the UK and even Italy!  

The demand has been high for a re-broadcast, so we will be gathering again on Sunday, April 19 from 3:00-5:00 Eastern Time. A number of special features have been added to these live broadcasts that aren’t found in the download – including some voice-overs from each band member.  


Many of you asked how you could leave a tip. Please feel no obligation to do so – these are tough times for many of us. For those of you who would like to do so, you may tip in one of these sites. Proceeds will go to the filmmaker and the band.  


Venmo: @slambovia 

Bandcamp Tip Jar

If you can’t make the live broadcast, you can download the basic documentary here: Kickin' Up a Soundstorm Download