July 31, 2019

‘Kickin’ Up A Soundstorm’ – New Band Documentary!

This weekend at The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival we’re celebrating the release of ‘Kickin’ Up A Soundstorm’ – a new music documentary that features us with everyone in the Dance Tent last summer, The Immortal Jellyfish of Slambovia, a bit of band history shared for the first time – and some really cool interviews!!! This new DVD and our new UK EP will be a Festival Exclusive!!! A Victor Moore Film. #newmusic #festival #beez #musicdocumentary

Kickin’ Up A Sound Storm (Promo) from Showset Productions on Vimeo.

Liner Notes: A music/documentary by filmmaker Victor Moore capturing the performance of The Slambovian Circus of Dreams at New York’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 2018 in the Dance Tent. Interviews with founding members of the band reveal the never heard history of the band from the beginning. The story is enhanced by fans, friends and a performance that caught the ‘lightning in a bottle’ – that elusive magic that comes when the audience and performers become one in a transcendant timeless moment. Welcome to Slambovia!

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