‘Solve It All Daily’

Who stretched the elephant’s legs?
Bet it was you
Solve it all daily

Taught them to walk through the streets
On stilted grey limbs
Like Barnum and Bailey

You pulled a trick with the tigers too
Now no one can keep them in the zoo
Why do you do what you do when you do what you do?
Solve it all daily

Who turned Narcissus to stone?
Fishes to phones?
That always call me

Who melted all the town clocks?
Hung them on rocks
And limbs by the blue sea

Who put those drawers in your sister’s chest?
Had to re-tailor her favorite dress
Why do you make normal such a mess?
What are you up to?
Solve it all daily

Maybe behind that mustachioed mask a black hole
Sucking everything in making rules lose control
Deconstructing dogmatic distractions that rule our reason

Back to molecular dances and music of spheres
That our ears used to hear before fig leaves and fear
Made us deaf dumb and blind to the beauty
That really matters, oh….

Who turned Mae West to a living room?
Who elongated mom’s favorite spoon?
Why are your paintings so out of tune?
Or is that the Wang Chung…

Geopolitical child
Out by that wild
Globe on the prairie

Watching the birth of new man
In the new land
It’s pretty scary

He’s in a world trapped by it’s points of view
And you always said true may not be true
Yeah we read it all in the Dali News
Monarch of Dailies
Solve it all

What great adventures will future hold?
Once we have all learned to break the mold
Teach us your passionate whiskery whimsical ways
To solve it all daily
Solve it all daily
Solve it all daily
Solve it all