Jupiter, Jupiter and Mars

Mercury and Earth agree

It’s not what it used to be


Venus told Neptune and the stars

She’s been crying every night

Since she learned poor Pluto’s plight


She said, “We’ve all been friends forever,

We’ll never change the way we feel”

So strange to hear the clever

Tell Pluto that he wasn’t real, how’d that feel?


He may be a little stupider

But surely you could see

He always tried his best to be

Dignified and heavenly


He’s just a simple planet

Maybe he wasn’t quite as deep

But don’t take our hearts for granted

Don’t let ’em put our dog to sleep


Saturn told all his little moons

Say a little prayer tonight

They don’t turn out Pluto’s light


What would it lose or gain us

Science is filled with fact and flaw

But your heads are up Uranus

When love’s not greater than the law, fatal flaw


Venetia* wished upon the stars

Someone else would want to play

Not just chase her dog away

Jupiter, Jupiter and Mars

Mercury and Earth agree, it’s not what it used to be…


Words and music: Joziah Longo 2015


The morning of March 14, 1930, was a fairly ordinary one in the Oxford home of 11-year-old Venetia Burney. The schoolgirl was eating breakfast in the dining room while her grandfather, Falconer Madan, paged through that day’s edition of the Times of London.

But fate lay on page 14: a story about a newly discovered planet found at the far reaches of the solar system, she suggested to her grandfather they name it Pluto, he suggested it to an astronomer friend and so it goes…