August 4, 2015

Photo/Jake Jacobson

Nice shot by Jake Jacobson from our Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Main Stage show. Guest appearance by the immortal jellyfish! More festival photos to come…..

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July 21, 2015

WNTI Stage – July 17, 2015

WNTI Performance July, 2015

WNTI Performance July, 2015

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July 15, 2015

Pluto’s Plight!

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July 6, 2015

Slambovians Headline Cold Spring 4th of July: Review

uncleslamWanted to share this review of Saturday’s performance with everyone from one of the head organizers…
“The highlight, of course was the music. The entire lineup was perfect. But I have to say, our Headliners (the Slambovians) delivered one of the most astounding sets I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been following them. They brought the entire crowd to life for over two hours, making it look easy. The after-Fireworks set was so perfect, I’ll never forget the sight of watching West Point’s fireworks behind us while the Band played “Over the Rainbow”;  I felt like I was in a freakin’ Spielberg movie LOL!”



Happy First Day of Summer ~ ALL SUMMER LONG!!!
FREE DOWNLOAD of “Summer’s Day” from the album “The Great Unravel” at Soundcloud…


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June 26, 2015

NY Faerie Fest 2015 This Weekend

The Faeries of Fernwood Forest will be at this weekends festival deep in the woods along with other creatures. The Slambovians perform 2 times on Saturday – 5:00 pm on the Star Stage and a late night set at the Masquerade Ball for those who are camping. Come as you are – finding costumes & masks there is part of the fun.

NY Faerie Fest: Faeries of Fernwood Forest

NY Faerie Fest: Faeries of Fernwood Forest

NY Faerie Festival 2015 Schedule
Fri. 6/26: 11 – 7 Sat. 6/27: 11 – 7 Sun. 6/28: 11 – 7
Admission: Adults over 16 $15  / Children 6-15 $8

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June 3, 2015

Ten Years: ‘Flapjacks From The Sky’ Anniversary Show


A big thanks to everyone who came to our 10-year anniversary show of ‘Flapjacks From The Sky’ saturday night at the Towne Crier.
It was an unforgettable evening with many of our long-time fans and friends.

A lot of people have requested the set list, so check it out below:


Setlist from the show.

“21 slices of jaw-dropping bliss! Flapjacks brims with hope, goodwill and unsinkable optimism.” –  Iowa City Press



Flapjacks From The Sky – “A grand surprise, an ambitious and fully realized album that opens up American folk, pop, and rock languages, creating an inner dialogue that is not only translatable and accessible to anyone, but is also delightful and free of cluttered ambition.”  – All Music Guide Review



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May 12, 2015

“Who stretched the elephant’s legs, I bet it was you…” a sneak peek of Joziah’s new song, “Solve It All Dālí”. Salvadore Dalí is and was a great inspiration to Joziah as a young man studying art at the Parthenon in ‪Philadelphia‬. Here’s a rough version of his tribute to Dali which will be on the next Slambovian Circus of Dreams album… Happy Birthday Salvadore Dalí – (solve-it-all daily). May 11, 2015.

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May 6, 2015

Hey everybody, as many of you know our long time friend Philadelphia DJ and folk radio legend Gene Shay has retired from WXPN.
As one of Gene’s favorite acts, we were asked to send a video greeting for his tribute party last month at Ardmore Music Hall.
We heard it got some laughs at the show, so here’s our ‘bon voyage’ to Gene… – Tink

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April 8, 2015

Mailing List Drawing!

Next week we’re giving away our special 2-disc ‘Flapjacks From the Sky’ DVD to TWENTY people on our mailing list! If you’re not already signed up, do so here: http://theslamboviancircusofdreams.fanbridge.com



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March 21, 2015

Nice review from suzereviewstheblues.com. Thanks Suze! It was a fun night, capping off a great weekend.


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March 8, 2015

Upcoming Tour Dates



New England this coming weekend and Ontario, Canada the following weekend – including Toronto’s Hugh’s Room.

We also have a reschedule date for the Mexicali Live show that was postponed. Makeup date is April 18 at 8:00 PM

Visit http://slambovia.com/shows/ for full details!

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February 15, 2015

Stephen Hawking – He’s A “Force of Nature”

Breaking News! ”21 Songs For The 21st Century”

Since the start of 2015, Joziah has been pushed by his imaginary friends to release “21 Songs For The 21st Century” in an effort to get some of the endless flow of songs that keep coming down to him out to you, our beloved Slambovians.

These songs, he thinks, will be “in the rough” –  live video performances of various songs that he currently or recently has been working on. There may be songs from the new Slambovian Circus of Dreams album (possibly due in September,) the Joziah and The Remnant project, from the musical he’s working on called “Very Unusual Heads” or from the China project he’s been writing called “The Costume of Ch’ien” or possibly from something he doesn’t even know he’s doing yet.

Anyway, it should be an adventure of some sort or another or maybe it won’t happen at all. So stay tuned…
He may even post a song a week at times – but we’ll see…
(It should be faster than he’s previously got songs out up to this point in time, yay!)
If nothing else happens, here’s this – the first of  “21 Songs For The 21st Century”:
Stephen Hawking (Force of Nature) – Song #1


(Shot live on the stage in the living room with two iPhones and some swirly lights.)
“Force of Nature” is a song inspired by the nature of the universe and its effect on brilliant scientists like Stephen Hawking. It is the first release of 21 Songs for the 21st Century. The biopic of Mr Hawking, ‘The Theory of Everything’ is nominated for ‘Best Picture’ and should be bringing home a few Oscars from the 2015 Academy Awards Feb. 22, 2015. Hats off to you Mr. Hawking! 


February 6, 2015

Rare duo show to be broadcast via Concert Window!


On Sunday, February 15 at 7:00 a very unique Slambovian event is taking place: Joziah and Sharkey will be performing at the legendary Caffe Lena as a duo! The show will be live-streamed via Concert Window – an online broadcasting service that brings live shows to you, wherever you are.

Caffe Lena opened in 1960 and is the longest-running folk club in the U.S. Charmingly intimate, and rich with a past performer list that reads like a Who’s Who of American folk music, Caffe Lena is a wonderful place to see a show.

The Concert Window broadcast is a joint venture between Caffe Lena and the band, who will be splitting the proceeds, so you can support this artist-friendly venue and one of your favorite bands at the same time.

The broadcast is pay-what-you-want access, starting at $1. To access the Live Stream of the show, visit https://www.concertwindow.com/caffelena. The show starts at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. A day or two before the show you will be able to pre-purchase a ticket for the Live Stream, which will simplify your experience on the 15th. We’ll let you know when that opportunity opens up. The broadcast is live streaming only – no archive.

If you don’t live in the Saratoga Springs area and have been itching for a Slambovian fix, here is a chance to get it from the comfort of your own couch! Don’t miss this rare show, which harkens back to early days of the band when they toured as a duo.

If you are interested in attending the show in person, there are still a few tickets left but they are going fast. Get them HERE.

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February 3, 2015

Slambovian Highlands. Photo/Crystal Longo


Greetings from the snow-covered hills of the Slambovian Highlands! We’ve been in studio production mode since returning from our New Year’s shows – doing some recording, and planning out the year – thinking of the many ways we can send Slambovian sustenance your way!

We’ve also got some shows coming up!

Sunday, February 15 at 7 PM – Joziah and Sharkey will make a rare duo appearance at Caffe Lena. Be prepared to hear some old favorites as well as a number of new songs. Get tickets HERE.

(We will be broadcasting this performance on Concert Window, so if you live outside of the Saratoga Springs area you can watch on the internet! Stay tuned for more info!)

Sunday, March 1 at 8:00 PM – just got a last-minute booking at Mexicali Live. Great venue in Teaneck, NJ. Tickets HERE.

View the complete calendar HERE!

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December 28, 2014

Upcoming New Years’ Shows and more!

Break out the parasols! We return this week to the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for our annual New Year’s Eve Eve show – one of the big Slambovian events of the year. Don’t miss this one!

On to Oneonta, NY for First Night Oneonta celebrations, then Infinity Music Hall and Bistro and Iron Horse Music Hall on January 2 and 3! More info at slambovia.com/shows.



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