December 16, 2018


Just in time for Christmas!! BRAND NEW EP featuring five Christmas originals, including “Snow” and “When Christmas Comes” (aka the Pirate Christmas Song.) 

Physical CD’s available to ship Tuesday, December 18th – and they include a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW! ORDER  HERE

This EP is a unique collection of 5 original holiday songs by the Slambovians from Christmases past and present. ‘Pirate Xmas’ is the most recent crowd favorite played at our Christmas shows. ‘Snow’ is a real tour-de-force, thrilling as a sleigh ride on a starry night (a timeless performance from our early days in New York)! These two songs were the catalyst for the creation of this EP, like a collection of your favorite Christmas ornaments on the holiday tree!

MORE MERCH! We restocked everything for the season. Check out our Beez and Translambovian thermals, Beez Tees, and our brand new BiPolar Express BLANKETS! Everything can be found at our ONLINE STORE.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year…

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