January 6, 2017

Poem for Syd Barrett ~ B. January 6, 1946

One day in the early 90’s, on a soul-searching walk in the east village of New York City, Joziah slid into a dark fog that made him think of the fragile founding member of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett (Official) who jumped ship in the early days of the band. Some beautiful murky music swirled in his head and a song started coming down. Joziah wrote it as a personal letter to Syd, hoping it would reach him across the great separating seas of human consciousness… Happy Birthday, Syd!


What did you find Syd, did you find anything, at all?

We walked through the streets,
We were 50 foot tall,
When we called,
They couldn’t hear anything…

And so, we both let go,
Let the wind blow, flew off to better dreams.
But you, what did you do, how’d you fall through,
And lose control of you?

Well I don’t know what you were thinking
What the hell had you been drinking’?

I punched a hole in the bottom of hell,
Light shot up through it
And I said, “Oh well, there goes the neighborhood”.

Sing me an old song about something new,
Could’ya do? Hey, come on let’s try again.
It’s just you were looking’ when there was no find,
Lost your mind, but hey here it comes again…

Don’t go off in the snow,
Feeling’ so low, sold on a hopeless deal.
I know which way to go, what melts the snow,
Flowers will bloom again.

What did you find Syd, did you find anything, at all?

Joziah Longo

“Syd” – Available as Digital Download:

Produced by the legendary Eddie Kramer, (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc) who loved this song when he first heard it.
The video was directed by Ron Paquette.

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