February 23, 2014

Meet Jeff Hoke

A few years ago a fan introduced the band to Jeff Hoke’s The Museum of Lost Wonder – an incredible book that leads the reader into worlds of child-like wonder and curiosity, mixing science, philosophy, history, mythology, alchemy and many other components into a fascinating journey where creativity and imagination reign. The book challenges the reader to consider new ways of thinking and of interacting with the Universe around us and within us. In addition to being a thought-provoking masterpiece, The Museum of Lost Wonder is a beautiful work of art – rich with fantastic illustrations from cover to cover.  It is a book Joziah calls “a national treasure.” Jeff’s website, www.lostwonder.org is a fascinating place to visit as well. Explore various rooms of the virtual museum, check out the exhibits, and get lost in inspiration and imagination!

The cover of A Box of Everything features one of Jeff’s illustrations!

It has been such a great experience to work with Jeff. We hope our fans will enjoy the discovery of the worlds he has created through his site and his book. Check it out here: http://lostwonder.org/book.html


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