October 19, 2014

Hallowe’en Weekend! B.Y.O.Ghost! “The Grand Slambovian ‘All Saints’ Resurrection Ball”

After taking a break from our annual Halloween show last year, the Slambovian Ministry of Culture is excited to announce this year’s Halloween event “The Grand Slambovian ‘All Saints’ Resurrection Ball” happening in Allentown, PA at Allentown BreWWorks.
(Leave it to our ever creative and visionary fans to think this up title and event concept up!)
Dr. Darin Mazipa (holistic healer and good trouble-maker, executive producer of the show) has the BreWWorks on board as well to make it a great night of feasting, celebration, dancing and music featuring an ‘otherworldly’ performance by The Grand Slambovians and friends on the beautiful top floor of the BreWWorks. The show theme ‘All Saints’ Resurrection Ball’ is a tip of the hat to All Saint’s Day and Hallowe’en, so Bring Your Own Ghost and your saintly (or not so saintly) selves to this costume party paying homage to the ‘world of spirit’ and those who have passed on to the ‘other side’. (We’re planning on a big turnout from the ghosts as well, calling them to come down and enjoy the show!) The show has General Admission and Reserved VIP Seating, and cabaret style table/seats so there’s lots of room for everyone to hang out, dance and have a good time! The BreWWorks has a fantastic menu downstairs in the Brewery for pre-show or after show dining, (the Pennsylvania Dutch/Polish comfort food is a specialty). Ticketing provided by Listen Live Music.

Saturday, November 1st Doors 6:00 / Showtime 8:00
Allentown BreWWorks
812 W. Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 18101

Come join us for a night of music, mysticism and celebration Halloween Weekend!ALLSAINTSsm
TICKETS ON SALE NOW!  www.listenlivemusic.org

Tickets $25/Advance and $30/Day of Show

VIP seating is now Sold Out, but there are still General Admission tickets available.

Convenient Parking Available.

All Hallows is the day to ‘Dance With The Dead’, commune with the spirits and ‘Light A Way’ for all those who have crossed over to the other side! Theme is ‘Day of The Dead’, but with a Slambovian Twist!



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October 16, 2014

Announcing our “A Very Slambovian Christmas’ shows



Our ‘A Very Slambovian Christmas’ show has developed into one of the premier Slambovian events of the year, attracting fans from near and far. Drawing on a set list comprised of traditional Christmas songs with a twist, a sprinkling of original holiday tunes, and a generous helping of non-traditional musical fare, it is guaranteed there will be something for everyone. This year we will be doing two Christmas shows.

The first will be December 13th at The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, in Old Saybrook, CT.  The second show will be at Beacon, NY’s  Towne Crier on December 20.

Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!!

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September 29, 2014

Celebrate The Magical Bean – National Coffee Day September 29

Slambovians love their coffee! To celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay, we’re running specials all week on Coffee Subscriptions, 12 oz/1 lb Bags, Mugs, and 10% off All Coffee at The Slambovian Mercantile!

The Story of Slambovian Coffee: 

“Slambovian Coffee* is a magical blend made up of two different beans from the Americas. One is spicy while the other has a rich deep flavor and heavy body.  The beans are roasted 3 ways giving rise to a coffee with 6 different profiles.  This gives our roaster fits, since during a 13 minute roast the batch is adjusted for temperature twice and some of the roasting coffee is let out to be partially cooled at 11 minutes.  The result is a sweet, smoky and spicy roast that has superb body and aroma.  There is a slight tingle at the first sip and a lingering full flavor taste.  This coffee gets you up and wont let you down but without the afterburn of some the dark roasts jitters.  A strong coffee with a combination of medium dark and very dark roasts. This coffee took eight months of trials to perfect and is the coffee that fuels the Circus.” – Marcus Goeller, Master Coffee Taster & Roaster (*Available at the Slambovian Mercantile by the pound or on a subscription basis. Free mug with subscription! )
So, where did coffee come from and how did it become so popular? According to legend, a sixth-century Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi discovered his goats frolicking from one coffee shrub to another. He realized the coffee berries had a stimulating effect, and he began to experiment with the seeds. A century later, brewed coffee emerged in Arabia and the popularity of coffee grew at an exponential rate. A lucky day in history!

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September 19, 2014

Icon Fetch Gives ‘A Box of Everything’ Kudos

“Every once in awhile, I stumble upon a really good CD that proves that rock is NOT dead (despite what Gene Simmons thinks). This is definitely one of them.” – Tony Peters

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams - A Box of EverythingThe Slambovian Circus of Dreams – A Box of Everything (Red River Entertainment) review

View this album on amazon.com

Every once in awhile, you stumble across a great band that’s released a string of albums that you’ve never heard before.  The Slambovian Circus of Dreams may be one such band.  But, instead of chastising yourself for not discovering them sooner, get caught up with their new compilation, A Box of Everything.

The disc grabs tracks from four of their studio albums over the last 15 years, beginning with A Good Thief Tips His Hat in 1999 to The Grand Slambovians in 2011.  Surprisingly, the music is consistently good throughout.

Despite their exotic moniker, the band’s gift is writing melodic tunes that evoke styles of the past, while never directly copying anything.  Take “Tink (I Know It’s You),” with its chugging guitar and harmonica, it’s reminiscent of Nineties’ Tom Petty.  Yet, when the chorus comes in, the slide guitar (played by Sharkey McEwen) sounds like a cross between David Gilmour and Duane Allman – it’s a spine-tingling moment.

Even if you own everything the band ever recorded, there’s still a couple of previously unreleased tracks – “Box of Everything,” which starts out delicate, before giving way to a big chorus featuring great harmonies and cello, is one of the disc’s finer moments.

It’s not often in a band that you notice each member’s unique contribution this closely.  Lead singer Joziah Longo has the ability to embody different characters, depending on the song.  He’s the twisted ring leader of a mad circus in “A Very Unusual Head,” and the guy that hasn’t slept in 48 hours on “Sunday in the Rain.”  Longo’s multi-instrumentalist wife, Tink Lloyd, helps add deep textures to the songs – the accordion on “Rocket,” and the haunting cello on “Good Thief.”  McEwen is the band’s secret weapon, adding passionate leads that soar to dizzying heights.

A welcome surprise is just how good everything sounds – it’s obvious these guys know their way around a studio. This is one of those albums that should really be enjoyed either on CD or vinyl.   The earthy instruments don’t fully hit you on a compressed mp3.

While The Slambovian Circus of Dreams have been described as “Hillbilly Pink Floyd,” I think that sells the group short.  True, there are a few songs that clock in at over nine minutes, but there are textures here that Floyd would never dare to explore.  However, the one thing both bands have in common is the ability to write memorable songs (something that is certainly lost on many Floyd copy bands).

Box of Everything is an excellent introduction to a gifted band that deserves more publicity.  —Tony Peters


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September 15, 2014

Hallowe’en ~ All Saint’s Day Show

Official Announcement from the Ministry of Culture:


“The Grand Slambovian All Saint’s Resurrection Ball”
Saturday, November 1st Doors 6:00 /Showtime 8:00
Allentown Brew Works 812 W. Hamilton St. Allentown, PA 18101
Come join us for a night of music, mysticism and celebration Halloween Weekend!
TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT: http://www.listenlivemusic.org/

All Hallows is the day to ‘Dance With The Dead’, commune with the spirits and ‘Light A Way’ for all those who have crossed over to the other side! Theme is ‘Day of The Dead’, but with a Slambovian Twist! More info coming soon…

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August 31, 2014

Midwest Tour photos

Some photos from our recent Midwest Tour……

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August 29, 2014

Happy 75th Anniversary to The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz film turns 75 this month. To mark the occasion we put together a little tribute to honor this work we so love  – and one that has obviously informed Slambovian culture.

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August 24, 2014

Falcon Ridge Photos

As the summer draws to a close, we wanted to make sure we shared some of our favorite shots from Falcon Ridge! (Click on a thumbnail to view full size.)

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August 13, 2014



Hey New Jersey! We are playing the WNTI Festival this Friday – Spider Glenn and the gang have a GREAT lineup for the weekend with Marshall Crenshaw, James Maddock, Willie Nile (our good friend, just won ‘Rock Album of the Year’), and many more! Support an outstanding radio station and enjoy the show – see you there!

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July 23, 2014

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

“This show at the dance tent is not to be missed. It melts everything you brought that you do not need.”- Fan 

As you know, this is an event that is much anticipated by the Slambovians and festival goers alike – the legendary Falcon Ridge Folk Festival is coming up the first weekend in August (1st, 2nd and 3rd). In it’s 26th year, this annual pilgrimage is a destination for musicians and music lovers from all over the northeast with lots of opportunities for artists of all different levels to play, listen and make lifelong friends in the ‘Hills of Falcon Ridge’.
Here’s a few of the performers who we’ll be hangin’ with, swapping songs and doing the always unpredictable workshops with:
Aoife O’DonovanBeth MolaroThe Boxcar LiliesBrother SunConnor Garvey,DarlingsideThe Duhks, The Grand Slambovians(us), The Horse FliesThe Ivy Vine PlayersJohn Gorka, Kim & Reggie HarrisNerissa & Katryna Nields, Paul RosenbergPete’s PossePerpetual e-MotionRalph SweetRonny CoxRoosevelt DimeThe Russet TrioSeth GlierSpuyten DuyvilThe StorycraftersTom PaxtonTracy Grammer and many more…
Really looking forward to the dance tent (see video)
– where the fans put on a great show for the band!*

See us around 8:00 pm Friday night in the Dance Tent and closing out Saturday night on the Main Stage.
We’re bringing some new friends to add to the fun onstage all weekend and of course lots of surprises in the merchandise tent as well.

Come for the day or for the whole festival. Info and Tickets Here.

*Last year’s Dance Tent set was filmed by director Victor Moore. 

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July 6, 2014

Towne Crier Cafe this Friday!

This Friday, July 11, we return to one of our favorite venues – The Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon, NY for one of the last ‘A Box of Everything” CD Release shows – and the only one in our hometown area! Show starts at 8:30 and you can get tickets here. Come early for dinner or for one of Mary Ciganer’s famous signature desserts!


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July 1, 2014

A few shots from the NY Faerie Festival….

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June 30, 2014

Great night with WPKN, the Fairfield Theatre Company and Hamell on Trial.


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June 21, 2014

NY Faerie Festival

We return next Friday and Saturday to the unique and whimsical NY Faerie Festival, where faeries, elves and other fantastical creatures turn the woods into a wonderland of magic and imagination. Tickets and info HERE.


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June 19, 2014

WPKN/FTC Benefit Show

Thursday, June 26 we’ll be at the Fairfield Theatre Company in CT, playing a benefit show for our good friends at WPKN 89.5 FM as well as the Fairfield Theatre – two non-profits that do a wonderful job of supporting great music in the CT area and beyond. The “one-man punk band” Hamell on Trial will also be performing. Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:45. Tickets can be purchased through this link.


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